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End of Summer Update and a Pivot

Well, it has been one heck of a summer. In May, I had the utmost intentions of dedicating my time to a Facebook beta test buildout using Tableau and seeing it through. Then, in June, our team was hit with a health setback that forced me to align my time and energy elsewhere. In September,… Continue reading End of Summer Update and a Pivot

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Crisis PR and Reading Tweets

More than a month ago (yes, I’m a little behind) the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation hosted a Crisis PR Panel where they talked about what it takes to do Crisis PR in this ever changing world.  I was going to do a whole recap on it, but since I was the one… Continue reading Crisis PR and Reading Tweets

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FB Graph – Competitors should quake

Facebook is once again attacking once-not-so-much-competitors.  Their first battle was versus FourSquare, it has been in a fight with Groupon and Living Social, and now, it's gearing up for an epic match against Yelp and of all bohemoths, Google. If you've been living under a rock (or don't have Facebook, Mom) Facebook just launched a beta version… Continue reading FB Graph – Competitors should quake

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Trends of 2012 and Projections for 2013

I know you all have Facebook, so have you taken the time to check out their page of trends? No? Okay, I put the good ones here. 🙂 I, too, posted a pic with a pug in a satellite dish this year.  Meet Linus, the Terminator. Did anyone else see this card prior to the… Continue reading Trends of 2012 and Projections for 2013

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Politics and Media

This past week was very politics-focused for me.  Luckily, not the normal office or club politics of my life, but "real politics."  I took a deep dive into what makes local politics tick in Orlando.  And the consensus among everyone running: advertising and social media are super critical to their campaigns. In my Leadership Orlando class,… Continue reading Politics and Media

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Tips from Social Media Smarties

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Women In Television & Film meeting where they had panelists discuss best practices and offer advice on how to handle social media for your business, your passion, and yourself. Mark Baratelli, the founder of and Food Truck Bazaar, spoke about how everything he uses social media… Continue reading Tips from Social Media Smarties

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A New Way to Feel Inadequate About Your “Social” Life

I attended the Orlando, Inc's seminar on Social Media this past week and learned a lot of great things that I hope to use to become more proficient in my social media communication.  I also learned a few tips for local businesses to help them become more savvy, and I'm still trying to figure out… Continue reading A New Way to Feel Inadequate About Your “Social” Life