It is Time. Storytelling my trip to Peru.

I’ve been wanting to write about my trek through the Incan Trail for many years now. I can’t believe it’s been five years since I did the most physically challenging activity in my life. I have told the stories to friends so often though, that I think I have them down pat. And they’re pretty… Continue reading It is Time. Storytelling my trip to Peru.

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#TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

My dear friend, Puja, is a professional coach and had a February #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge going on with a group of women who were looking to carve more time out of their day to fill it with more important things. I joined in. Below are two posts I had to write based on the different challenges… Continue reading #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks


Why I went to the Mayor’s Summit

At the Mayor Buddy Dyer Neighborhood & Community Summit this weekend, I attended the Storytelling for Organizations breakout session where the new Orlando Poet Laureate taught everyone best practices on incorporating storytelling into your message. As part of this, she had us break into groups of two and we had to tell a story about… Continue reading Why I went to the Mayor’s Summit

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What I learned recently about giraffes

Short post, but I've been meaning to share. Husband and I took advantage of the Bank of America weekend at the Orlando Science Center last month. If you don't know about this, and you have a BofA credit/debit card, you can get into various museums around Orlando/USA for free the first weekend of every month.… Continue reading What I learned recently about giraffes

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A little perspective with GF

It has been claimed now by a few friends that I help offer a little bit of perspective in their lives. Either from choosing to not grieve the fact that they've lost so many friends over the past year, but to celebrate that they have been fortunate to know so many amazing people to begin… Continue reading A little perspective with GF

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First Attempt: Machine Learning in Plain English

Over at Ddubs we're working on a project that will give us a new capability to promote, but it's a little complicated and it would be great to get your feedback here to let me know if you understand what I'm even talking about. 🙂 Comments and PMs welcome. The Expensive Words Edition: We can… Continue reading First Attempt: Machine Learning in Plain English