Richard Branson’s Leadership Philosophies

I was fortunate to attend the Qualtrics X4 Conference this past March. There, Richard Branson was interviewed by the CEO and he was asked about leadership. "All a business is is a group of people." Humans that are coming together for the betterment of some kind of cause, whether to make money or help change… Continue reading Richard Branson’s Leadership Philosophies


So Many People – The PM

Recap of the PM Portion of the Summary from the Last Post: (Troy) “Everyone can suck it.” (Me) “Why are my feet swollen?” Elaborations on Memories of the Day: Let’s back up for a second. Troy and I had done our homework on the mysticism of Machu Picchu. We had learned about the higher energetic… Continue reading So Many People – The PM


So Many People – the AM

Memorable Highlights of the Day: 7-ish in the morning. Just hiked 3 miles. At the Sun Gate.(Me & Troy) “Okay, so this was worth it.”3 more miles and then a private tour of Machu Picchu(Troy) “Everyone can suck it.”(Me) “Whoa there, Betty White, maybe you should just eat Snickers.”(Me again) “Why are my feet swollen?”… Continue reading So Many People – the AM


Empowering Others to Resolve Their Own Conflicts

Effective Communication and Understanding Emotions should really be taught in middle school and fortified in high school. I think that would solve many workplace problems. One of the benefits of having all of this training this year on communication and leadership, my peers around the office are all speaking the same language. We start to… Continue reading Empowering Others to Resolve Their Own Conflicts


All The Strengths

It’s amazing how a test can totally describe you and also offer insights that you didn’t know about yourself. This is what I came across with the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) results. I’ve always been a Myers-Briggs girl, but seeing the DNA string of my strengths and knowing that there are more than 33 million order-dependent permutations… Continue reading All The Strengths


The Third Day: Back Down to Where the Trees Grow

I’ll admit it. There was crying. And the ugly crying kind. After the second day where we hiked the longest and at the highest altitude we’ve ever been not on a plane, my moment of snotty, shoulder-hunching crying the next morning commenced. Troy just held me and petted me. I was still frozen from the… Continue reading The Third Day: Back Down to Where the Trees Grow

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My Current Mantras

I still haven't been able to do steady meditation, but I have assembled a list of mantras that I breathe through while preparing for bed each night. I've learned all but one of these mantras from others so I thought if I shared them then there might be one that you also like and can… Continue reading My Current Mantras