About Me

patti the unicorn

I am a lover of learning all things, most especially new things about advertising/media, Orlando, leadership/politics, and health.  If I haven’t learned something new in a week, it must’ve been a really off week.  My job(s) keeps me on the forefront of learning visualizations and analytics (all kinds), the co-op I’m a part owner of is training me to work with farmers and the community, the Mainstreet I’m on the board with teaches me about small businesses in my community, the neighborhood association I’m in keeps me up to date with local news, the Sifu at my Kung Fu temple spoonfeeds me new moves for the forms I’m learning, the progressive leaders’ organization I’m a part of keeps me in-the-know about local, national, and world politics and how all of the pieces fit. I also read (er, listen) to a lot of books since my commute can range between 25 minutes and an hour (yay I-4).  Because I’m trying to cram so much into my head, I’m using this blog to document the most important stuff, so maybe you can get something out of it, too. Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Thanks! I’m a hat person and most people only see that on weekends.

      I love everyone in my media department! We have such a great powerhouse of media minds… and we know how to plow through some work.

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