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Random Marketing Things I Learned in May

My brain got really full in May. All of the knowledge needs to go somewhere so I can find it again. Hence, this post. Python Prophet Not sure if you read the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from Facebook that was sent out this weekend, but in it they talk about all of… Continue reading Random Marketing Things I Learned in May


Sense & Sensibility with my MBA

A few weeks ago I saw the Opening Night of the sense and sensibility by Jane Austin at the Annie Russell Theatre. Sense and sensibility represented by the characters of two sisters. For some reason, I’ve never made that connection! Well, maybe I did, a long time ago, but the lightbulb turned on again when… Continue reading Sense & Sensibility with my MBA

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Fun with Recruitment Math

I'm writing this down with the hopes that every one of my clients will read this and stop asking me to achieve miracles. (A girl can dream, right?) Scenario: A client just asked me if I could help them fill 300 jobs for the next year... and they only have $6,000.  And, they'd rather do… Continue reading Fun with Recruitment Math

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Hearts and Heads, and On Knowing When Someone is Using One or the Other

I just dug through my 190 posts (!), and I can't believe I haven't written about this observation yet. I can remember talking to a couple of reps at my last job and a few weeks ago I spoke to a few account coordinators about it. And, in my first job, I was known as the Head… Continue reading Hearts and Heads, and On Knowing When Someone is Using One or the Other