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Tell Facebook What Ads You Want

Not sure if you saw, but Facebook had a little note in your feed saying that you could check out the advertising profile they have on you and you can adjust if you think something is out of whack. I clicked on that notification and this is where it took me.

Facebook ads 1

If you go to the top right of your Facebook page on your desktop, go to settings and you’ll get to the above page.

Next, look for the ads based on my preferences section and click Visit Ad Preferences.

Facebook ads 2

You can see below all of the advertising categories that you have triggered and how many advertisers currently target you inside of those categories.

Facebook ads 3

If you click on the industry, you can see all of those advertisers and remove the ones that are not relevant to you.  For example, I cleared Warby Parker because I am no longer in the market for glasses.  So every time they pay to advertise to me, it’s a waste for them and me.

Facebook ads 4

If you clean them all out, you’ll see some really irrelevant stuff, so keep the ones you like and Facebook will build off of this list and actually bring you products and advertisers that you might find useful. You’re going to get ads regardless, so they might as well make sense, right?

Happy Facebooking.


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