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#TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

My dear friend, Puja, is a professional coach and had a February #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge going on with a group of women who were looking to carve more time out of their day to fill it with more important things. I joined in. Below are two posts I had to write based on the different challenges… Continue reading #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

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What is Data Wonderment up to? Part 1

This is a modified version of a presentation I made to my NLC cohort as my Capstone project.¬† I'm also going to modify it more and put it on the Data Wonderment website! Data Wonderment is a start up from me, and my colleague, Jennifer.¬† We started the idea for our company in February and… Continue reading What is Data Wonderment up to? Part 1