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Are you living your Bermuda lifestyle?

Two things have inspired me to adjust my work from home lifestyle. First, my new puppy, Eva, has taken a liking to our old above-ground pool. After we go for our morning, afternoon, and evening walks, we come home and she goes straight for that pool. It's soft-sided, so she uses momentum to run right… Continue reading Are you living your Bermuda lifestyle?

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Three things you need to know before buying your next planner

Prologue from Patti: This post was written at the end of the year, so for some of you, now is the time to think of the new year! Now is the time to reflect on the past and make those resolutions for more productivity! Now is the time to buy the new 2020 planner! For… Continue reading Three things you need to know before buying your next planner

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Wildly Important

I finally finished Deep Work, by Cal Newport, and immediately started reading it again. I started it as soon as I finished because it was so chock full of amazing recommendations for how to employ deep work that I needed to read it again to make sure I absorbed everything. While I’ll give you an… Continue reading Wildly Important

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Podcast #9 – How To Juggle

We reminisce over the past weekend with framily before diving into this week’s theme, How to Juggle. We mention the apps Slack, Asana and Basecamp as project management trackers we use. We talk about the Evo Planner and how our Four Tendencies personalities affect our ability to use planners in general. We switch up Vertellis… Continue reading Podcast #9 – How To Juggle

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Podcast #8 – Joy and Play

Random learnings led us to talking about Hurricane Dorian relief! If you want to donate to the Bahamas for disaster relief, the Giving Voices Project is collecting funds ASAP. You can give a tax deductible donation by calling 386-986-7505. Our theme for this week is Joy & Play. Joy is more sustaining than just doing… Continue reading Podcast #8 – Joy and Play

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My Current Mantras

I still haven't been able to do steady meditation, but I have assembled a list of mantras that I breathe through while preparing for bed each night. I've learned all but one of these mantras from others so I thought if I shared them then there might be one that you also like and can… Continue reading My Current Mantras

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My Big Leap with No Regrets

I recently listened to two books that have changed my personal perspective on living and my professional perspective on doing. I have pretty much told everyone who is in front of me how I'm going to implement both in order to help create lasting change in my life, and so I thought it best to… Continue reading My Big Leap with No Regrets

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#TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

My dear friend, Puja, is a professional coach and had a February #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge going on with a group of women who were looking to carve more time out of their day to fill it with more important things. I joined in. Below are two posts I had to write based on the different challenges… Continue reading #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

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What is Data Wonderment up to? Part 1

This is a modified version of a presentation I made to my NLC cohort as my Capstone project.  I'm also going to modify it more and put it on the Data Wonderment website! Data Wonderment is a start up from me, and my colleague, Jennifer.  We started the idea for our company in February and… Continue reading What is Data Wonderment up to? Part 1