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My Current Mantras

I still haven't been able to do steady meditation, but I have assembled a list of mantras that I breathe through while preparing for bed each night. I've learned all but one of these mantras from others so I thought if I shared them then there might be one that you also like and can… Continue reading My Current Mantras

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#TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

My dear friend, Puja, is a professional coach and had a February #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge going on with a group of women who were looking to carve more time out of their day to fill it with more important things. I joined in. Below are two posts I had to write based on the different challenges… Continue reading #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

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A little perspective with GF

It has been claimed now by a few friends that I help offer a little bit of perspective in their lives. Either from choosing to not grieve the fact that they've lost so many friends over the past year, but to celebrate that they have been fortunate to know so many amazing people to begin… Continue reading A little perspective with GF

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Why I am gluten free series, Part Three: Science!

I have a confession to make. I splurged on gluten-digesting enzymes and took them to Europe. And chowed down on bread: pasta, pizza, croissants, baguettes, pita. IT WAS AH-MAZING. My body got a little inflamed and water-heavy for a bit, but it was oh-so-worth it. But I did a trial run before the trip at… Continue reading Why I am gluten free series, Part Three: Science!

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Why I am gluten free series, Part Two: The Doshas

“kaphasrule” This was written on a thank you note from one of the fantastic women that went on our Indian adventure. She was a Vata, and had a soft spot for Kaphas like me. We tend to be very grounded, not overly emotional, and good support structures. Yay. But physically, we tend to be thicker… Continue reading Why I am gluten free series, Part Two: The Doshas

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Health & Wellness Content Announcement

This year I have been diving deeper and deeper into truly understanding health and wellness.   Of course, in the past few years, I’ve done a cleanse in India, been to an Ayurveda conference at a local Hindu Temple, became gluten intolerant, hired a personal trainer, and up until the middle of this year had… Continue reading Health & Wellness Content Announcement