Social Media

A New Way to Feel Inadequate About Your “Social” Life

I attended the Orlando, Inc’s seminar on Social Media this past week and learned a lot of great things that I hope to use to become more proficient in my social media communication.  I also learned a few tips for local businesses to help them become more savvy, and I’m still trying to figure out how some of the sites that were recommended might help my sales team prospect through social better.

But the site that I spent the most time on after the seminar centered around myself, and how awesome or not so awesome I am at influencing people. has been around for a bit, but I never tried it out until I heard that I could not only learn who I influence, but also learn about new individuals who could potentially be good influencers for me.  This latter feature though, seems to be a little lacking since, in order to find great influencers, people on the site have to make lists of people who influence them.  Then, if you make the list, you can see who’s on the list with you.  At least that’s what I’m finding. 

So my score is above average (average is actually 20), but lower than some of my friends.  I think I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing for a little bit to see what changes organically, instead of trying to get all of my Facebook friends to “like” something for the sake of just “liking” it to help my score. (But if you totally want to like this post, I’m all for it.)

I think the Klout score is more easy to swallow though, than like a rating on Hot or Not, since it’s your actions and influence that drive the score and not the picture you decide to upload. (Haven’t done it, just know from friends who have.) 

Don’t do anything, score goes down.  Hopefully do stuff, score goes up.

If you’re interested in seeing how you rate in your “social” life, tell ’em I sent ya.  😉

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