iD and CD and What a Great Partnership

I thought knowing my Myers-Briggs helped me a lot in my business setting, but DiSC really helped me learn what other people are more quickly so I could figure out better ways to interact with them!


E, I, and EI, Oh!

I was lucky enough to have the company I work for pay to have our department go through DiSC training. DiSC is one of those personality tests, but the nice thing about it is that it focuses on group dynamics more than some other types of tests. This got me to thinking about what I… Continue reading E, I, and EI, Oh!


Busted, or Your Lack of Confidence is Showing, Part Two of Confidence Talk

After having learned about confidence builders and destroyers in "Confidence Code" I felt compelled to share what I learned and get it on as many Sisters' To Read lists as possible. At every Femcity social, business members get the opportunity to update everyone on their business/lives for about thirty seconds (I'm usually the timekeeper and… Continue reading Busted, or Your Lack of Confidence is Showing, Part Two of Confidence Talk

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On Confidence, Part One of Confidence Talk

March's theme turned out to be Confidence, so I decided to write a new mini-series called Confidence Talk. I read the book called "Confidence Code" by Kathy Kay and Claire Shipman. After finishing it, I decided to talk about it at the Femcity March Local Social and then got called out almost immediately on my… Continue reading On Confidence, Part One of Confidence Talk

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Features & Benefits

The past few weeks have had the the subject of features and benefits pop up a lot. For the non-marketing people out there, let me explain the difference. The Feature: What makes a product or service that product or service.  It's the steak.  It's the drill. The Benefit: What the customer gets out of buying that… Continue reading Features & Benefits