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Potty Marketing with Humor

Or, Potty Humor Marketing.  Whichever.  It is incredible what copywriters will do to snaz up a basic item. Poo-Pourri My bestie, being a conscientious individual and a person who loves to have guests over and throws house parties, has invested a lot in this product for his bathrooms.  And as the company has come out… Continue reading Potty Marketing with Humor

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Things I have missed because I haven’t had time to sit in my attic

Some of you may know that I like to enjoy my attic as if it were a sauna (it's hot enough). I can usually use my tablet for about a half hour before it gets too hot to think (it, not me- I thrive in my sweat box, just don't ask me math). I've been… Continue reading Things I have missed because I haven’t had time to sit in my attic

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Wata blog!

So I haven't written a blog post in a bit for THIS blog, but I did write one for the company I work for. Check it out by clicking here!


Make Your Emails Useful to Me, Please

Having gone to an all-inclusive for our Honeymoon, my husband (still get goosebumps writing that) and I secured another vacation for our anniversary. Now, he and I are constantly getting emails for sales and specials to take more vacations. Instead of this, wouldn't it make more sense to send us emails up-selling the vacation we're… Continue reading Make Your Emails Useful to Me, Please

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Fun with Recruitment Math

I'm writing this down with the hopes that every one of my clients will read this and stop asking me to achieve miracles. (A girl can dream, right?) Scenario: A client just asked me if I could help them fill 300 jobs for the next year... and they only have $6,000.  And, they'd rather do… Continue reading Fun with Recruitment Math


A little about my job

I had a nice chat with a friend about my job this week and it reminded me why I was so excited about it in the beginning.  I kind of lost my happy place for the last few weeks because of the workload, but I just kept telling myself, "I don't dislike anything that I'm… Continue reading A little about my job


@BoingoMedia @PerrierJouet @movableink – I Tweeted for you, but did it help?

I just realized that my past three Tweets have been to help promote other businesses.  Why did I do it? For one of them, I tried to win something.  For another, I was helping to donate something. And for the other, I got a glass of wine for it. But was it effective for them?… Continue reading @BoingoMedia @PerrierJouet @movableink – I Tweeted for you, but did it help?