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Tips from Social Media Smarties

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Women In Television & Film meeting where they had panelists discuss best practices and offer advice on how to handle social media for your business, your passion, and yourself.

Mark Baratelli, the founder of and Food Truck Bazaar, spoke about how everything he uses social media for is intentioned to drive people to his blog.  This traffic driver allows him to sell the ad space on his site.  He also has always thought that one should act like they’ve already made it and so his brand acts accordingly.  And now he has…

Melanie Lentz Janney, with Doverwood Communications, had a passion project that has taken off exponentially through social media.  She has always been in love with a music celebrity by the name of Rick, and didn’t appreciate the memes that were taking off.  She started a project to expose the real Rick and now has a documentary about his zen qualities.  Everything she did with the project was generated through social media – however, she did use road signs (like the one in the picture below), flyers, and chalk art around Rick’s concerts in order to get the word out.  Traditional guerilla meets social.

Jessica Nin, with ProductionHUB, is passionate about hiring and recruiting practices in social media.  She mentioned that 70% of recruiters will stalk you online if you let them, meaning you have photos and comments set to public.  She also said that because of this stalking, 30% of candidates are rejected immediately because of their profile pic!

Other Tips from the panelists:

-John Lux with I.D.E.A.S.: Social media for businesses can still be considered a media arm, but you still want to make sure you add value to your readers lives.  And if you have a post that you think is important for people to know about you can send it multiple times, just change the days and day parts so you can capture a different audience.

-Melanie: The point of using social media is to try to build a relationship with people for the rest of their lives.  Treat them like you will.

-Jessica: You have to be engaged with your followers and it’s not about the amount of followers you have.  And if you are a business where many people work on your social media, either make sure to point that out or only have one voice because people will know the difference.

-Mark: Have a photo for every post if you can. People respond more to photos and it eats up more of the newsfeed.  And if it’s a picture that you took with your own camera, watermark your picture so that when it shows up on Google Images you get the credit.  (Noted and acted upon.)

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