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Trends of 2012 and Projections for 2013

I know you all have Facebook, so have you taken the time to check out their page of trends? No? Okay, I put the good ones here. 🙂

Top Memes

I, too, posted a pic with a pug in a satellite dish this year.  Meet Linus, the Terminator.

Linus terminator

Top events talked about

Did anyone else see this card prior to the End of the World?

Mayans and Dick Clark

At least people are reading.  I’m really glad Harper Lee and Fitzgerald make it in the top 10!

Top Books

I’m sad Honey Boo Boo is in top 5, but I hope that if you add the unique watchers of Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey, there’s more people.

Top TV

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