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How I’m Currently Being Marketed To

Life lately - have you heard those Ziprecruiter ads on NPR? They're meant to reach me.  I get to work with ZR A LOT in my line of work.  They actually work really well, if you need them. I also work with Dice.  And they've come up with something that definitely got my attention.  Their… Continue reading How I’m Currently Being Marketed To

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Potty Marketing with Humor

Or, Potty Humor Marketing.  Whichever.  It is incredible what copywriters will do to snaz up a basic item. Poo-Pourri My bestie, being a conscientious individual and a person who loves to have guests over and throws house parties, has invested a lot in this product for his bathrooms.  And as the company has come out… Continue reading Potty Marketing with Humor

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My First Press Release Since I Interned at AAA

Back in 2003/2004 I interned in the Public Relations department at AAA National Headquarters.  You may remember my work - I wrote the releases on the new 5 diamond restaurants and hotels that year, I updated the research finds for the holiday driving season, and I did something about a pets and travel book.  Yeah,… Continue reading My First Press Release Since I Interned at AAA

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Whirlwind Paris Ad Tour, Part 1

My Partner-In-Crime and I spent Memorial Day weekend on a whirl-wind tour of Paris.  And while he was snapping photos of iconic landscapes and architectural structures, of course, in Media Nerd fashion, I took pics of interesting ads and media. I wanted to see what kinds of commercials I'd see so while he was in… Continue reading Whirlwind Paris Ad Tour, Part 1

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Crisis PR and Reading Tweets

More than a month ago (yes, I’m a little behind) the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation hosted a Crisis PR Panel where they talked about what it takes to do Crisis PR in this ever changing world.  I was going to do a whole recap on it, but since I was the one… Continue reading Crisis PR and Reading Tweets