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End of Summer Update and a Pivot

Well, it has been one heck of a summer. In May, I had the utmost intentions of dedicating my time to a Facebook beta test buildout using Tableau and seeing it through. Then, in June, our team was hit with a health setback that forced me to align my time and energy elsewhere. In September, we hoped we might get back on track, but immediate money-making opportunities ate our attention.

So my 2018 goal of developing passive income streams hasn’t gone so well. But, we’ve got three months left and my Data Scientist is starting to feel more human again after only having six months of 2-3 hour-cycles of sleep (Babies! Yikes!) and there’s another passive income strategy I’ve had in the hopper waiting for her to jump into it.

Lessons I’ve learned during the beta test:

  • Tableau is meant for bigger companies’ analysis. Trying to build things for individuals to use is cost prohibitive.
  • While I came up with ways to answer the biggest questions, everyone has a different set of goals, degrees of marketing sophistication, and depth of their campaigns. Any next iteration has to allow for these dynamic complexities!
  • These complexities might be too big for Data Wonderment alone, but there are potentially other players who we could partner with. But I’m worried they want to build the insights, but not actually pay us for the consult!
  • People have trouble with teleconference software. I thought I had picked an easy one, but people still had issues with their cameras, their mikes, and their connection speeds! If you know of one that offers a completely error-proof connection, let me know!

We finally sent a note to all of the beta testers thanking them for their support and their cooperation. They were all great individuals trying to either gain insights for their clients or for themselves.

An additional goal I just picked up is trying to get more people on the Data Wonderment email newsletter. If you’re interested in also learning more about Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data-Driven Marketing, sign up here:

We send out newsletters one to two times a month, one full of learnings and insights about data-driven marketing and a second gives you tools you can use to incorporate us into your business to bring more value to your clients.

I have also realized that I don’t say THANK YOU to you all enough. I’ve had this blog for more than ten years, and it’s your support and feedback that keep me going. So, THANK YOU!

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