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A Walk Through the Vine

Vine has only been around since January and it’s become a social medium that advertisers have found to be a useful way to get people to engage with their brands and share their message.

The Social Side

There’s a new fifteen-year old  that has more likes on Vine than Bieber has on Twitter.  He’s so popular he was recently interviewed on Good Morning America.

The Blend between Social and Commercial

But grown men can be just as silly, too.  And Nicholas Megalis  has the third highest following in the whole Vine.  In an article written about him in USA Today, he talks about how advertisers are now engaging him to create six second ads for them.  While some people would call him a corporate sellout, he considers them “funded art projects.”  If you visit his profile on Seenive, you will see all of his six second creations.  And some of them he incorporates brands, but I’m not too sure which ones he’s engaged with on his own or which ones engaged him.  Maybe all of them? Promise yourself that if you go to his profile that you’ll only spend two to three minutes looking at his Vines because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself still watching them all after a half hour.  Be careful!

And now, time for a Commercial Break.

These brands have figured out a way to insert themselves into the Vine Social media sphere.  But I have no idea how they got started in it.  Which comes first, people that want to follow the brand, then there’s news on Mashable and other social media blogs that say these brands are doing a good job on Vine, or that the brands’ Public Relations people go to news outlets like Mashable and other social media blogs saying they are on Vines and making fun videos and so people then want to follow the brand?  Or is this a sneaky way Twitter is trying to get into the revenue game by allowing brands to have official Vines accounts and using those vines as push-communications to Twitter followers as sponsored content?  I may be onto something…  Anyway, these three brands were listed on Mashable as some of the top brands “kicking butt on Vine.”

GAP Vine
Target Vine
VW Shark Week Vine

And one for Halloween I managed also find on Mashable as an example of a great cross-promotion.
Tide Carrie Vine

And we’re back. My final link is actually a video courtesy of Fox News in Phoenix.  When I was Googling for info about Vine this video came up and I think it uses the technology brilliantly in being able to explain the technology.  Enjoy!

Fox Phoenix Vine

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