A little about my job

I had a nice chat with a friend about my job this week and it reminded me why I was so excited about it in the beginning.  I kind of lost my happy place for the last few weeks because of the workload, but I just kept telling myself, “I don’t dislike anything that I’m doing… I actually really enjoy it… there’s just so much of it!”

With the three-day weekend upon me, and the first weekend since the last three day weekend, I am not picking up my work laptop or phone. And so instead of being in go mode, I am in reflection mode and revisiting that conversation I had with my friend.

As some of you know, I went from creative, liberal ad agency, to rigid, conservative billboard business (who would have thought that, right?!?) and now I’m back to a media buying firm.  It feels nice to feel at home and at ease.  I am not the only one that wanders around the office barefoot, and they didn’t tease my stand-up desk, they bought me a new one with hydraulics.  And blue jeans every day! Hooray!

But what is making me always ground myself and reset my happy meter is the work that I’m doing.  I am the Media Director for a national ad agency and their recruitment division.  In essence, I help people get jobs by doing what I love to do: buy media.

Instead of buying glitzy travel mags and websites for my old clients of destinations and hotels who were trying to convince people to spend their discretionary income, I am finding ways through online, radio, Out of Home, and some other Big Ideas to get the word out that big companies are hiring.  Some of the companies I work for are medical/healthcare, telecom and retail, and in both the US and Canada.  And we try to make almost every recommendation traceable to every application that comes in.  So I can directly see all of the people who saw the message I bought for and see them apply.   It feels really good to know I’m helping the economy in my own little (or okay, sometimes when a new call center is looking to hire 300 people in a single town, in a big) way.

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