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Things I have missed because I haven’t had time to sit in my attic

Some of you may know that I like to enjoy my attic as if it were a sauna (it’s hot enough). I can usually use my tablet for about a half hour before it gets too hot to think (it, not me- I thrive in my sweat box, just don’t ask me math).

I’ve been missing my me time, but right now, as I’m writing this, I have gotten a little back. And so now I’m going through my Adweek saves and laughing my ass off (and sweating it off, too) in order to bring my Media Nerd perspective to your Inbox or browser.

The Canadians Had It Right

I seemed to have missed a Canadian Ad Agency Tongue In Cheek War two years ago (did I mention I’ve been a little behind on my saves?).

Anyway, a bunch of agencies there made some great videos that while farce, feel very real to me! If you don’t work in advertising, these will explain everything very clearly. And if you are in advertising, you will find truths as well.

This agency shows what it takes to be number one:

This agency is making my job (media planning) the most real time it can be:

More videos about their new technology can get found by clicking here.

This agency has come up with a new way to win awards, not for the work, but for their entries about their work.  It’s a parody, but I can imagine this happening someday.

Hope these were all new to you (ICYMI), or long enough ago that it made for a satisfying throwback.  Where did 2015 and the first half of 2016 go?!?

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