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Potty Marketing with Humor

Or, Potty Humor Marketing.  Whichever.  It is incredible what copywriters will do to snaz up a basic item.


My bestie, being a conscientious individual and a person who loves to have guests over and throws house parties, has invested a lot in this product for his bathrooms.  And as the company has come out with more varieties, he is a loyal consumer and buys from their site directly.

If you do not know this product, check out my blog post about it by clicking here before moving on.

He got a chuckle out of opening the box, but as he was breaking it down for recycling he was so impressed with all of the hidden messages that he saved me the box.  Soooo blog worthy.  Check it out.

2016-08-14 14.52.302016-08-14 14.52.062016-08-14 14.40.092016-08-14 14.51.412016-08-14 14.39.382016-08-14 14.39.452016-08-14 14.40.20

Ah-Hahahahahahahaha! Marketing genius.  So from original advertising to final product purchase, they have owned the brand the whole way through.

And now for package marketing for a product that has never had the ability to make a special YouTube video or get creative in their advertising.

2016-08-14 16.53.412016-08-14 16.54.28

And if you haven’t seen the ads for Squatty Potty, I’ll let you go to YouTube yourself by clicking here.  Too much to show on the blog.  May Not Be Safe For Work.

And, in writing this post, I found new videos from Poo-Pourie here (pretty catchy tune).



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