@BoingoMedia @PerrierJouet @movableink – I Tweeted for you, but did it help?

I just realized that my past three Tweets have been to help promote other businesses.  Why did I do it? For one of them, I tried to win something.  For another, I was helping to donate something. And for the other, I got a glass of wine for it.

But was it effective for them? Did it help them succeed? Inquiring minds want to know.  So this is basically half a post, because I need to get my questions answered. Hopefully one of them will let me know how it’s working for them.

So, what I did.


And Twitter has an button that let’s me know if I actually reached people.  Neat, huh? I imagine for clubs this would be a great way to let sponsors know that they reach people (hint, hint to all of the clubs I’m in that have Twitter accounts).


tweeter 3tweeter 2tweeter 1

And I know that at least 4 people liked my check in (and so a few others had to see it, right?) on The Facebook.




I at least know that Boingo, PerrierJoulet, and Moveable Ink were paying attention, but since Adriatico doesn’t have a Twitter account that I can find and they’re not active on Facebook, I’m not sure I will hear back from them.  I particularly liked the gold star for creativity I got back from Boingo.  Maybe they will let me know how their promotion/campaign went? Pretty please?
tweeter 4

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