Make Your Emails Useful to Me, Please

Having gone to an all-inclusive for our Honeymoon, my husband (still get goosebumps writing that) and I secured another vacation for our anniversary. Now, he and I are constantly getting emails for sales and specials to take more vacations. Instead of this, wouldn’t it make more sense to send us emails up-selling the vacation we’re going on? I’m deleting all of them with no second glance, but if they sent me more info about where I AM ALREADY going, with options to pre-book trips, special order wine, or whatever else, then I would probably be hooked. 

When creating email lists, I think it’s ok to break up the lists and send targeted emails. I also know that every article and every email created has a cost. But there are shortcuts that can be made with templates and word replacements that would make each email look incredibly personalized. Then the different lists would work harder than it would with one generic message being sent to all of them. 

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