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Fun with Recruitment Math

I’m writing this down with the hopes that every one of my clients will read this and stop asking me to achieve miracles. (A girl can dream, right?)

Scenario: A client just asked me if I could help them fill 300 jobs for the next year… and they only have $6,000.  And, they’d rather do general awareness media than just the “stuff that works” (this is my quote, he didn’t say that).

The math that I’ve been using on everything because it makes my life easier to tell them that than just tell them no:

300 hires needed for rest of year

Ratio we use because client’s don’t actually know how many applications it takes to hire a position (ok, some do, most don’t): 10:1

3,000 applications needed for rest of year

With my resources of historical data, I can usually figure out what the current/past Cost Per Application is.  For the sake of this exercise, let’s use $5.00 (which was actually what I used, so not really hypothetical).

3,000 x $5 = $15,000 needed in order to make sure you get enough people in your pipeline to hire enough people.

And that’s only if you use the trackable, accountable “stuff that works.” Throw in the desire for Out of Home, Radio, or movie theater advertising, and you need more money.

So don’t be sad or mad when I come back to you and say that you only have enough money for a few months of exposure, please.

Thank you.

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