Becoming a Manager (when you’re a Millennial), An Intro

Millennials, particularly the Millennial A’s, are defined (by me) as those who may have had a cellphone in high school, but they were still paying for every minute. It was also either attached to a bag or at least didn’t flip closed. We (because I’m one of them) are now entering management roles where we… Continue reading Becoming a Manager (when you’re a Millennial), An Intro

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Wildly Important

I finally finished Deep Work, by Cal Newport, and immediately started reading it again. I started it as soon as I finished because it was so chock full of amazing recommendations for how to employ deep work that I needed to read it again to make sure I absorbed everything. While I’ll give you an… Continue reading Wildly Important

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Podcast #10 – Building Trust

Some Salesforce studying, iPhone 8 reboot instructions, and education on gender judo round out our random learnings for the week. The theme for the week is Building Trust. We talk about the different components for building trust and two books about trust - Tribes, by Seth Godin and The Speed of Trust, by Stephen MR… Continue reading Podcast #10 – Building Trust

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Important Learnings From My Evo Planners, Part Two

My summer was full of Important Learnings! I hope that some may resonate with you, too. I feel like some of these deserve either future conversations on my podcast or deeper dives as blog fodder. Let me know if any of these or the previous ones piqued your interest and if you'd like to hear… Continue reading Important Learnings From My Evo Planners, Part Two

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Podcast #9 – How To Juggle

We reminisce over the past weekend with framily before diving into this week’s theme, How to Juggle. We mention the apps Slack, Asana and Basecamp as project management trackers we use. We talk about the Evo Planner and how our Four Tendencies personalities affect our ability to use planners in general. We switch up Vertellis… Continue reading Podcast #9 – How To Juggle

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Podcast #8 – Joy and Play

Random learnings led us to talking about Hurricane Dorian relief! If you want to donate to the Bahamas for disaster relief, the Giving Voices Project is collecting funds ASAP. You can give a tax deductible donation by calling 386-986-7505. Our theme for this week is Joy & Play. Joy is more sustaining than just doing… Continue reading Podcast #8 – Joy and Play