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Podcast #7 – Asking Good Questions

Women empowerment, coaching with compassion, and scavenger hunts are the focus for our random learnings for the week. A couples visioning session along with a business retreat visioning/alignment session made Patti have to figure out great questions to ask, and John has always been good at asking questions, so they offer some advice on asking… Continue reading Podcast #7 – Asking Good Questions

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Podcast #6 – The Intro

We start with random learnings for the week, but found that no theme naturally arose this time. So, we thought we would practice on our storytelling skills by telling the story of how we first met! Awwwwwww. Click here to listen or subscribe from your favorite podcast app!

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Podcast #5 – Marketing, Everybody’s Doing It

Our fifth episode! We made some alterations to a couple segments based on feedback from friends. We still talk about our random learnings, this week about Neighborhood Watch and Leadership. We then discuss our theme of the week, our round of Vertellis (hopefully more enlightening), and then our new segment about what we’re personally looking… Continue reading Podcast #5 – Marketing, Everybody’s Doing It

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Podcast #4 – Lessons in Home Ownership

So it all started last weekend with two things wrong with the kitchen sink and ended with the door knob falling apart. But does it ever really end? Our theme this week is “Lessons in Home Ownership!” Plus, the usual segments of our Random Learnings from the Week, a future forward game of Vertellis, and… Continue reading Podcast #4 – Lessons in Home Ownership


Advocate Fiercely – Advocate for Your Community

“Leadership is more than just rallying followers, it is about changing systems.” -Martha Maywood Mertz, “Becoming Athena” Advocate for Your Community What does Community mean to me? I define Tribe as the people I love and support and dedicate the bulk of my emotional time to where I want them all to individually succeed and… Continue reading Advocate Fiercely – Advocate for Your Community

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Advocate Fiercely – Advocate for Your Tribe

Back in February, I gave a talk to the Athena WE group out at UCF. If you’d like to learn more about Athena Leadership, check out my old posts here and here. The topic I was given was on the Pillar of Advocate Fiercely. Here are some of the things I talked about! “Athena leaders… Continue reading Advocate Fiercely – Advocate for Your Tribe