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Are you living your Bermuda lifestyle?

Two things have inspired me to adjust my work from home lifestyle. First, my new puppy, Eva, has taken a liking to our old above-ground pool. After we go for our morning, afternoon, and evening walks, we come home and she goes straight for that pool. It's soft-sided, so she uses momentum to run right… Continue reading Are you living your Bermuda lifestyle?

Status Update

Podcast – S2E11 – Being an Ally

John and Patti took a little hiatus mid-season to learn more about being anti-racists and how to be better allies to People of Color. In this episode, they talk about their learning journey the past two and a half months and encourage all people to learn more about White Fragility and White Privilege. Now is… Continue reading Podcast – S2E11 – Being an Ally

Status Update

Podcast – S2E10 – What We Miss

In random learnings, Patti has gotten pretty good at hosting Zoom meetings and John has gotten into the music of Steven Sondheim. (Check out his 90th birthday tribute on YouTube!) The theme for this week was to just reminisce on what Patti and John miss bit also what they DON’T miss. Certain activities such as… Continue reading Podcast – S2E10 – What We Miss

Status Update

Podcast – S2E09 – What makes your atoms sing?

Twenty episodes so far! Wow! In random learnings, video conference calls are better with games and walking lets John experience his neighborhood’s nature better than when he used to run like a madman. The theme for this week was “What makes your atoms sing?” What comes really natural to you that when you picked it… Continue reading Podcast – S2E09 – What makes your atoms sing?

Status Update

Podcast – S2E08 – Self Care

Patti and John talk about their experience putting together a socially distant Easter Bunny event in less than a week. The theme for this episode is self care. Whether when things were normal or in the new normal, you have to take care of yourself! How can you help others when you are depleted? Patti… Continue reading Podcast – S2E08 – Self Care

Status Update

Podcast – S2E07 – Sheltering in Place

Patti and John talk about different aspects of their current existence of sheltering in place. They’ve had to make big decisions in their volunteer organizations. They’ve donated to lots of charities. They still do their Date Nights and Nothing Nights. They know that video is important for keeping the humanity in work relationships. They order… Continue reading Podcast – S2E07 – Sheltering in Place