Status Update

Podcast – S2E09 – What makes your atoms sing?

Twenty episodes so far! Wow! In random learnings, video conference calls are better with games and walking lets John experience his neighborhood’s nature better than when he used to run like a madman. The theme for this week was “What makes your atoms sing?” What comes really natural to you that when you picked it up you felt like a fish swimming in water? Or, when you do something, it feels so good and feels like you’re in the right place to be. Your senses are awakened and heightened and you feel like you’re vibrating higher than before. This can even come about with different types of music or smells. It can even happen with the type of work you do during the day and how it helps you grow personally and professionally. Patti and John give examples from their lives on what makes their atoms sing. This time, the Microstory was all about Patti and her solo trip to New Orleans. Most specifically, her day on a Voodoo tour where she visited the grave of Voodoo Queen Marie Lavoie, visited a Catholic Church that recognizes a Voodoo Saint, and had a chat with a Voodoo Priestess about Gris Gris and Juju.


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