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Podcast – S3E05 – Plug In and Make Your Experience Better

We talked to Debo Ofsowitz, a local legend in the LGBTQA+ volunteering space and our dear friend, about volunteering, being an ally, building trust, increasing self-awareness, and steps to increase your own empathy for others. We took a little deep dive into The Four Agreements and purposefully practicing checking your implicit bias. When asked what were her motivating factors for volunteering: “The more plugged in you are, the better your experience is. The more you connect with people, the more you feel accomplished… Participating makes the experience better.” You can also meet people who have a similar interest and have a passion for something. If anyone wants to be a better ally, reach out to the people that you know and ask them how you can be a better friend to them and a better ally to their community. More often than not, they’ll tell you something. The more people you know in a community, and the more you connect with them at a personal level, it is easier to be an ally because you care more about what happens to them. It helps you check your implicit bias, and it helps you hear others’ biases and stand up for your friends.—Plug-In-and-Make-Your-Experience-Better-e12l7ir

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