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Podcast – S3E01 – Give Voices to Others and Listen

We are back with the first episode of our third season! We have changed the format and now have full format interviews with our friends. First up is our conversation with Marjorie Phoenix, founder of the Giving Voices Project. She’s a leader for advocating for those recovering from violent acts, she’s a student getting her masters so she can become a consultant in Diversity & Inclusion in the corporate world, she is an activist for having uncomfortable conversations through her Storytime & Wine program, and she’s a Mom! The biggest lesson we learned from Marjorie is the importance of holding the space for listening to others. It’s not always about needing to solve the problem, but it is important to listen to understand where the person is coming from.

All social media outlets are: Giving Voices Project

Storytime & Wine is now on Clubhouse!—Give-Voices-to-Others-and-Listen-er15vv

If you’ve listened to our latest episode (S3E01) Give Voices to Others and Listen, and want to hear more on topics we discussed, you can always listen to:

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