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Podcast – S3E03 – Courage is Something You Make

Lea Tran, author, speaker, and overall wonder woman, joined us to talk about her story of being a member of the “Boat People” and escaping from Vietnam. We talk about how courage is something you find or create, but it doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes it’s because you have to have it to survive, and other times you decide to make it so you can thrive. You also have to make your own opportunities and “not miss the boat.”  The nonprofit that Lea is working with is called the Refuge Film School, which gives refuge teens a chance to make a living with digital media work. And since we recorded our interview right after the shooting in Atlanta that rocked the AAPI community, we talked about how we could all be better allies to other races.—Courage-is-Something-You-Make-et376j

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