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My Current Mantras

I still haven’t been able to do steady meditation, but I have assembled a list of mantras that I breathe through while preparing for bed each night. I’ve learned all but one of these mantras from others so I thought if I shared them then there might be one that you also like and can use.

I am expanding in abundance, success, and love, and inspiring others to do the same.

I learned this one from The Big Leap. I felt that this was all-encompassing of how I am currently receiving and want to always have as a part of my life.

I am time.

This one is also from The Big Leap. In the book, he talks about how the idea of time and the speed at which it moves is relative to your own current emotions and mental focus. When working in your Zone of Genius you are enjoying yourself so immensely with the work you are executing that you can get large amounts of it done in less amount of time. But even then, that time will still fly by! I find that this mindset also keeps me super efficient when I am working because I know what I should be doing with my time and what will wind up being a “time suck.” There’s nothing worse than slogging through something that feels like it took forever (and it actually did) and still not getting much accomplished. Find the people who revel in that kind of work and enlist (and/or pay) them to handle it for you! #entrepreneurlife

Money comes easily, freely, and in large quantities. And sometimes that just means it’s not leaving your pocket.

The first sentence I got from the movie, The Secret. While I got more out of What the Bleep Do We Know?, this mantra from The Secret has started to build some momentum with me. I then added the second sentence and have seen that take effect quite a few times as well!

I will move through life with peace, ease, grace, and clarity.

With the help of Puja (you do know that she rocks, right?) I created this one on my own. While the first three mantras are all outward-facing and results-oriented, I now have one that helps me maintain my behaviors and attitudes that guide me and keep me aligned in order to see better results with the other ones. I love this one so much, I actually made a phone wallpaper with it to remind me of it the many, many, many times throughout the day I look at it, rather than just at the end when I recite it while breathing.


Do you have any mantras you recite? How did you pick them up? How do they move you?

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