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What is Data Wonderment up to? Part 1

This is a modified version of a presentation I made to my NLC cohort as my Capstone project.  I’m also going to modify it more and put it on the Data Wonderment website!

Data Wonderment is a start up from me, and my colleague, Jennifer.  We started the idea for our company in February and officially became an LLC in May.  Our idea is a simple one: we help people find business insights and make business decisions from their data. If they don’t have data, we help them collect it.

But before we could get to that we knew we had to set ourselves up for success which would then lead us to develop products and services that our audience needs.

So first, we asked ourselves what our own measurements of success will be. We asked: Are we putting enough time to help build the business or are we going overboard? (We have a tendency to overachieve and started working like maniacs in the beginning.) And, how should we track how we spend money? We got advice from many people who live on 1099s about how and what to claim and we wanted to make sure we did it correctly from the beginning.

We then started collecting our own data.  We have a Google Form that we use every day to plug in how much time we put against Ddubs (our pet name for our business), as well as how much time we spent on our main gig.  Jennifer, being the amazing Data Scientist that she is, “staged” the data so that way we could visualize the results in an easy to understand format.  We now see our rolling 7 days of work time which gives us the ability to tell ourselves to take a break! She’s also working on the best way to track and stage our profitability, but we’re waiting on our consultation with an accountant before we go too far with it.

Doing all of this now will truly help us stay on track, not burnout, and help us know when we are being profitable or not.

Next time I’ll share with you the kinds of clients we want to work with!

PS – If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on with Data Wonderment, please email me at and I’ll get you on the list!

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