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#TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge #PujaRocks

My dear friend, Puja, is a professional coach and had a February #TimeforLove #ProductivityChallenge going on with a group of women who were looking to carve more time out of their day to fill it with more important things. I joined in. Below are two posts I had to write based on the different challenges she brought to us and since that took some time and effort I thought I would share them.

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Post A:

I was INSPIRED by this morning’s email! I’ve turned off ALL notifications on my tablet. And I’ve turned all notifications on my phone OFF except my Calendar app (it tells me where I need to be), Facetime and phone (for obvious reasons), Focus Keeper (my Pomodoro app), Instacart (because I need those notifications when they happen), magicJack (so I know it’s a work call), Reminders (because I set those), and Uber/Lyft/Uber Eats (because you need to be notified when they’re coming), and that’s it.

Well, that and MESSAGES, because I’ve set up a Zapier account to text me when my clients send me an email. With starting a new business I still feel like I should be ON for them, or at least be notified when they email and I can then decide if it’s the time to check it or not. I’m falling in love with Zapier, by the way. And the Messages app is how my husband and parents communicate when we need quick answers, so it had to stay ON anyway.

I am also going to use UnRollMe for every email account I have… if it lets me. I handle six email accounts, so hopefully, this works! But I’ve run out of Morning Me time and have to get ready for the day! So I’ll tackle that later! (Update: it let me! I’ve used it on EVERY. SINGLE. ACCOUNT.)

Post B:

Ok. Ok. Today was a challenge. I sat here in my chair mulling over the pros and cons of removing Facebook from my phone… again. I did it halfway through last year and I put it back because there was one event I was hosting where people were using the event page to ask day of questions.

So I put it back. And now I check it (for the dopamine high) about five times a day. And I don’t have an event every day. This triggered the realization of the addiction and that these are “smoke breaks.”

Bye bye, Facebook on phone. It’s a private event. I’ll post my damn phone number. If people have questions they can text me!

I also got rid of LinkedIn, Twitter, Pages, Buffer, and Snapchat. I haven’t used the last three in months. My business does not currently have the need to live update. I had a little folder called “Social.” It is now gone.

I already installed the Facebook Eradicator Chrome Extension. Love it. Love the quotes.

But I kept everything on my tablet. I only use it at home. I rid it of all of the notifications. And checking my social media channels in the morning after I workout, but before I start listening to NPR, makes me happy. Is that considered social smoking? Oh, I also changed the screen to black and white only as I’ve read that reduces the “addiction.”


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