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Random Marketing Things I Learned in May

My brain got really full in May. All of the knowledge needs to go somewhere so I can find it again. Hence, this post.

  • Python Prophet
    • Not sure if you read the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from Facebook that was sent out this weekend, but in it they talk about all of the research they do for the greater good. One of these things is a machine learning model they built that forecasts volume. It takes into account seasons, weather, holidays, weekends, and a slew of other things, and with just a date stamp and volume column, you’re in business for some pretty accurate projections. I’ve learned a little Python recently, but I had to go back to my notes to figure out how to interpret the output (yhats and such) so that I could display it properly in Tableau using the csv output. NOT EASY.
    • What this means for you: with a little more skill from me (well, not Jen – she’s got SPSS down), we have the capability to utilize Prophet to help predict visitation, activity, and maybe even sales, for your business or organization. Yowsa, that’s exciting. Who wants to play?
  • Answer the Public
    • This is a really fun way to visualize the kinds of questions people ask on Google regardings specific topics. It says it can be used to help create content or know that mindset people might be in when they’re searching for something. I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it but the visual is cool, and the guy on the screen is pretty funny. Check it out and let me know what you think some use cases might be?
  • Powerpoint now has an automatic translation plugin! So if you’re going to be presenting to a community that may speak English and Spanish (or anything else), you can have your English words on the slide and the plug in will create the secondary bullets in the other language.
  • Microsoft Bing allows for Image searched purchases. Like what Kate Middleton was wearing on an outing? You can now click on her boots and all of the boots that look like hers will come up for sale. Haven’t played with this yet, but sounds amazing.
  • is a bot maker that I want to use. Let me know if you’ve tried it yet. You can take your company’s FAQ page and turn it into a chat bot!
  • I learned that 100,000 people in China have told Xaioice the Bot that they love it. Feels a little like the movie, Her, right? (A lady from Microsoft told me this, but I cannot confirm that via Google searches.) If you want to read more about this “17-year old girl,” click here)
  • A new name for “Cross Platform Targeting,” which I first heard back in 2012 as a dream (wrote about the idea and had called it “Cross-Screen Ad Retargeting”), and it became a reality a year or so later, has now rebranded into “Identity Resolution.” So if you hear that, now you don’t have to act surprised.
  • IACT offers GDPR certification courses. I’m interested.
  • Machine Learning Model Building is the data science equivalent to The Great British Bakeoff. The judges decide on the best cupcake among the contestants like the data science judges the best model output. Some of the cupcakes taste pretty good, and it’s a close second, but you still have to decide on which one is the “best.” And the taste is subjective.
  • “Fail fast and cheap. Fail often. Fail in a way that doesn’t kill you.” -Seth Godin
    • Trying that out with a couple of passive income strategies!
  • Google will begin to rank sites higher soon for Mobile First Indexing. This may take a couple of years, but get ready and do it now!
  • I can’t get my hands on this because it is with e-marketer PRO, but I saw a chart that Client-side marketers and Tech Leaders are all planning to decrease their in-house activity and outsource for digital services, including analytics. Yippee!
  • Heard a great analogy about retargeting ads. It’s as if you had a corner shop where someone comes in and holds up shoes three days in a row and doesn’t buy them. So on the fourth day, you finally approach them and say, “can I help you with buying these?” Same goes for you visiting a website and then getting served ads after you leave and don’t buy anything.
  • Customer journey vs Marketing Automation: CJ is “do the next thing based on what they just did.” MA is “do that next thing at this set time.”
  • Testing and controlling for marketing campaigns is still important! It used to happen more because mailers cost money and so you would only send tests before sending it to everyone. Now, with emails, it doesn’t cost money, but if you’re not testing and then sending to your whole list, you’re going to pay with the loss of engagement!

See? That was a lot, right?

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