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They’re Listening…

Your devices are listening. To you. All of the time. This is crazy.

Ok, you don’t have to put the aluminum foil on your head.  Well, you don’t have to because the devices can’t read your mind.  BUT, they can listen, really have to listen, to every single thing you say so that they can be completely ready for when you say, “Ok Google,” “Alexa,” or “Hey Siri.”

Why is this crazy? Because there are companies out there that are paying attention to what you say, what you watch, and what you listen to all of the time.  And they have the legalese to be able to use it for advertising targeting… at least that’s what I’ve been told.

I went to a seminar a few months ago and learned about a company called Alphonso that has amassed a huge amount of data on people regarding what TV shows they watch. They have also figured out the cross-device challenge of increasing frequency of message, competitor targeting, and sequential targeting of TV ads on your mobile and tablet as you are watching your television. It’s no longer an educated guess of your potential to be watching a show. They know. “40 million smart TVs, set-top boxes, mobile and living room devices with embedded Alphonso technology report viewership data in real time.”

Holy moly.

What Alphonso’s site doesn’t talk about is how they might be listening to you through your always on and ready Firestick, Echo, or Home… or through Siri and Hey Google on your phones. In the media world, there are rumblings about never having meaningful or personal conversations around your devices if you enable them.  Advertising industry people have personally told me this.  And we are supposed to like data collection of all kinds.

So, this is just an insider tip.  Just as you have to be mindful about what words you say and what you talk about around your children, also have a think about what you say around your electronics.  

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