Podcasts I’m Loving Lately

I didn’t start listening to podcasts until I started my new business. I’m pretty much an NPR girl and the thought of having the hunt for shows actively instead of just listening passively to whatever was on NPR, didn’t seem seem like my thing. But my business partner and I have been hungry for knowledge on how to run businesses. We want to know that what we’re doing is right. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone else already came up with something and wanted to share with the world! So we started our hunt and we found a few that I think you might actually like as well. 
First, everyone who reads my blog should love this one. It’s called Optimal Living Daily. It is five separate podcasts that break into different kind of topics: overall life, finance, relationships, health, and start up and business. Each episode is a reading of an article written by some of the smartest people who deal with those topics. It’s great to not have to go hunting for them all. I listen to the start up and business one almost daily, or I store them up and binge listen. 
Another podcast that I think a lot of people might enjoy is called Hiding in the Bathroom. This podcast focuses mainly on people who are introverts and how they still have to lead productive businesses and lives, even when they need to “hide in the bathroom” for a moment of self reflection and to fill their energetic well. “But,” says someone reading my blog, “you’re an extrovert, not an introvert!”
This may be true. However, my partner Jennifer, is getting a lot out of it! And, there have been a few podcasts that I have listened to that I have raved about. Some of these have to do with time management, managing difficult relationships, or even how to dress for success. Her podcast on Focus is the New IQ even convinced me to remove Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from my phone so it’s harder to get the social fix! (Although I’m still keeping Buffer and Pages to be able to get content out.)
For people who are also trying to handle a start up business as a side hustle, I recommend the Women’s Side Hustle Society and Side Hustle Pro. These two podcasts really help give women in entrepreneurship tools and strategies for making effective decisions on when and how to start your business. There are interviews with women who have started their own business and then moved them to full-time jobs. There are women who support other women who are building side hustle projects. In one Side Hustle Pro podcast, a lawyer was answering many different questions that the private Facebook group had asked along the way that the podcast didn’t really want to answer on her own, or at least without someone legal helping her out.
This particular podcast brought me to start listening to the lawyer’s own podcast, Legal-EASE. This podcast is where she focuses on helping small businesses and start ups set themselves up correctly to not have legal ramifications later. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about privacy policy, terms and conditions, hand copyright law. No really, I did! She was so engaging and thoughtful about it.
In one of the podcasts I learned that some people use the microphone feature to speak their blog posts and then clean them up later. So that’s what I did with this on the way home from Tai Chi! 
Yay podcasts!

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