It is Time. Storytelling my trip to Peru.

I’ve been wanting to write about my trek through the Incan Trail for many years now. I can’t believe it’s been five years since I did the most physically challenging activity in my life. I have told the stories to friends so often though, that I think I have them down pat. And they’re pretty funny so I thought I would share them.

As I was outlining all of the different fun stories I wanted to share, it came to be quite a long list! This may take some time! To keep it interesting (for me and for you), I think I’ll bounce around a bit and start to write the ones that I think are the best stories I’ve told. And so if I peter out and don’t finish writing all of them, I’ll at least have cataloged and you’ll have read the best.

Now my data-nerd mind wants to figure out how I’ll categorize them in order to identify which ones are the best, but I think I’ll go with my gut on this one.

Some posts will be short, others might be long… if they’re too long I’ll try to break them up so I’m not taking up too much of your day.

Here are some of my favorite titles I’ve come up with that I will probably write about first:

The Second Day: The Mother of all Rainstorms and On Being Saved by Jeremy, Who Became Our Mother

All Days: Clapping for Our Guides, and Then Them Clapping For Us

The First Day: Dinner, Exhaustion, and My Peeing Up Experience

The Final Day: What We Wanted From Machu Picchu and What We Got Instead (How Betty White Snapped At Tourists)

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