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What Data Wonderment is up to? Part Two

So June is turning out to be a busy collaboration month! We are going to try to partner with many other Femcity members’ businesses that align with ours.
First up, we had a meeting with a woman who trains coaches how to manage their own work-life balance. We want to hopefully take some of the learnings we had with starting our business and with the basics on keeping track of things might help solo-preneurs and start-ups. We’re also going to start looking at ways to help writers (authors, bloggers, podcasters) on how to easily measure if what they’re putting out in the world is getting any traction.
We had a meeting last week with a company that helps organize small businesses who are on the trajectory to grow really fast. Her team consults with them on their operations, HR, etc and gets them prepared to prevent the usual growing pains that tend to happen when companies “outgrow” their system. We hope to be able to provide the knowledge and technical skills on helping those companies begin to properly collect information from their clients so when they do have a large amount of it, it’s not overwhelming and hard to find anything useful out of.
So feeling we have the small businesses covered, we will also have a meeting this week with another company that specializes in working with larger companies who didn’t hire the last company and have now outgrown their organizational situation. She has a 10 module program that deep dives into organization structure and strategy which one module is dedicated to data management. And we hope we can help her beef up that module with our expertise!
Then, there are companies that we work with through various marketing agencies. We have partnered with ones that have more focus on creative and activations, but don’t have much strength in pre and post campaign research, media planning and reporting, and performance analysis. We hope to continue to grow those relationships and provide deeper, meaningful insights that make them look even smarter than they already are. 
And then finally, we want to bring our desire to help others find Wonder in data. And so we plan on creating educational blog posts and vlog posts to help people make sense of it all. We’ll start doing more speaking engagements to get everyone excited about their clients and the potential for building better relationships with them through data.
Our goal is to have a very productive June that will set us up for developing more strategies and tactics for the second half of this year. We don’t plan on leaving our main gig so we can take our time to figure out which audiences will prove the most viable and profitable in the short and long term. 
If you’d like to stay up to date with what Data Wonderment is up to, email me at and I’ll get you on the mailing list. Our inaugural email will come out at the end of this month!

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