From Change Seekers to Change Makers

As some of you know, I’m a student of the New Leaders Council, a national organization that trains progressive Millennials on the skills to run for office, manage campaigns, create start-ups and network with thought leaders.

I am in the third Cohort for the Orlando chapter.  The Institute is a six-month long, one weekend per month with programs that help (in my own words here) support change seekers to become change makers in the Central Florida community.

NLC Orlando selects only twenty individuals to attend the Institute each year.  This past year we had more than 60 applicants.  The group is incredibly diverse and are already actively engaged in their communities. They (okay, we) were all looking for an accessible leadership program that would allow us to build long-term relationships with others in order to help shape Orlando more progressively.

Each weekend we’re at the donated conference room at the Morgan & Morgan office downtown, and there is practical training with professionals in important fields who donate their time. We already have a few sponsors, like Disney and Orlando City Soccer, who donate money and resources to help our organization grow.  The institute is actually free for fellows because of generous donations we receive from these companies and individuals who agree with our mission.

Our cohort is in a private Facebook group and we keep tagging ourselves and each other at events around town.  In one month’s time, the new class touched almost every ethnic, diverse minority group organization and many cultural and community held events in Orlando. And we are all more than just showing up – we are speakers at and planners for those events.

Notable graduates of the previous cohorts who took political roles include Emily Bonilla, Juan Lopez and Ricky Ly.  They have already made noticeable, influential changes in the community.

As my time with the Institute closes, I will graduate and become a fellow NLC member.  It is my job and honor to help continue the Institute into the next year.  We need individuals and other organizations to help contribute funds to help us continue with engaging and training new progressive leaders. It is with the support of our donors that will allow us to bring in the best and brightest group next time.

There are two ways you can help!

First – come to my party. 🙂

The NLC cohort is proud to announce its Annual NLC Fellows Gala.  We wanted to use this time to express our ideals of liberty and freedom as the foundations to service in our communities and around the world, so our theme is “Taste of Libertad.” It is on Thursday, June 1 at Cuba Libre at Pointe Orlando.  Tickets are being sold here:


Second – if you can’t party, donate anyway!

NLC Orlando is accepting donations from individuals and organizations who feel the way we do about progressive leadership.  If you have a donation budget for the year, consider donating a portion to our organization so we can continue educating new fellows and affecting the community.  You can make your donation here:


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