Time Management

The Time I am Currently Managing

Republished from a comment I just wrote in a Facebook group I’m in.  It was in response to the Group Leader advising everyone it was a good idea to make a to do list in order to get jobs done and not waste time.

I live by my to do list. I wouldn’t be able to function [without one]. Currently, my work to do list for the week has 17 tasks. And the other people I’m managing has a total of 46! My most favorite form of to do list is the Franklin-Covey method. That helped me get through college and my first job! Now I don’t need the ABC123 to prioritize, but because of it I’ve learned how to automatically!

Another technique I’ve learned is breaking projects into tasks. When a project looks so big, ask yourself, “how do you eat an elephant.” Answer: “one bite at a time!” My team’s 63 tasks actually make up 29 projects that we are actively working on. This allows me to know what stage of the projects they’re on or delegate out a piece of a project that can be handled by a teammate in case another gets behind.

But I even do it personally. One of my current projects is “get new last name on passport.” But I’ve broken it into three tasks so I know exactly how to move forward with it and I can complete one of the tasks every day and feel like I’m moving forward to the goal without waiting for a day where I have the time to do it all at once.

5 thoughts on “The Time I am Currently Managing”

  1. Great post Patti. I use a program called Wunderlist to do most of what you described. I love being organized.

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