Media Nerd Participating in United Way Book Drive

One of the programs of the Heart of Florida United Way is to continue the education of children during the summer when learning attrition is at its highest.  Did you know that if a student reads four books over the summer, they can stave off that summer learning slump?  I was a big reader when I was a kid (now I just plow through Audible books) and the summer months was when I could go through 15 and 20 books!

There were a couple of books in my childhood that really impacted me.  I actually have re-read them in my adulthood and they’re still great.  And because I love them so much, I’d like to ask my fellow Nerds out there to help me, yet again, to raise some money for a great cause.  This time, I’d like to buy in bulk from BulkBookStore.com one of the following three books, depending on how much money we can raise.  I’ll also be collecting any books from friends/family/co-workers who may want to donate them to help out.

The Contenders:

Level One Fundraising $118.75 – 25 copies of The Giver, by Lois Lowry.  

This book helped me understand the dangers of conformity in society and how individual people can make big impacts in their community through leadership and perseverance.  The ending is also unlike any ending I had read up to that point and it really made me think.  I’ve read this book three times and am not quite ready to donate my own copy yet.

Level Two Fundraising $254.25 – 25 copies of The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss.

This book inspired me to write a play adaptation in high school and attempt to convince my fellow drama students that we should perform it.  While I never got the chance to have it debut (we never did a lot of acting to audiences in our drama club) this book’s themes have stuck with me which is why I am so environmentally sensitive to this day.  And the movie was bad.  So kids should be able to read this book instead.

Level Three Fundraising $424.75 copies of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond.

My dad and I read this book so much I had it memorized.  I’m pretty sure I could still pull the entire scenario out of my head if pressed.  This is such a great starter book for kindergartners.  And older people really like it, too! (Not that Dad was old by any means.)

So the goal is to have the books in hand by May 22nd, when the Emerging Leaders go tour Evans High School, which is one of the first Community Schools in the region.  If you have $10 to spare or books to spare, hit me up in the form below this post and I’ll send you my PayPal account address or my physical address.  We actually don’t have that much time to reach one of my goals!  And if we go over Level One, but don’t make it to Level Two, we’ll just buy more of Level One.

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