Pints, Politics, and the Upcoming Not-so Positive Campaigns

Back in February (yes, I’m a little behind on my reporting efforts), I attended an Ad 2 Orlando event at the Orlando Brewing Company (best organic beer in town).  Kevin Cate, President of Cate Communications was interviewed by Joe Culotta, political professional and beer lover.  They discussed the upcoming political campaign and lessons he’s learned along the way while working for various political candidates from a presidential campaign (Obama) to many state and local congressional campaigns (Crist).

I found Kevin’s prediction of the upcoming Florida Governor’s interesting.  He said that last time Scott ran he spent $72 million in advertising.  He’s projected to spend $100 million this time.  With most of it being on TV and then digital.  And since there’s so much money, they’re going to have to try to figure out how to spend it all.  But regardless of how they spend it, the message will be either to build the candidate up or bring the opposing candidate down.  And since Scott’s approval rating has plateaued, we’re going to see A LOT of negative advertising.  And all of this will probably be starting the first broadcast week of May, May 5th.  Yay. :-/

Anyway, Kevin and Joe’s advice they received from their mentors is worth mentioning, too.  Kevin said that if you want a person to like you and to listen to you, then you first need to ask them for advice on what you should do with your life.  That will start them at least talking to you.  Joe’s was that the people that run this world are the people that show up.

An interesting tidbit of media buying advice Kevin gave was to advertise in the newspaper on election day.  If someone is reading the newspaper on election day, more than likely they’re your target market.

Another piece of advice Kevin gave was that writing is the most important thing you can do for yourself and brevity is important.  And, so, in keeping with his advice, I’ll end this week’s post. 🙂


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