I’m Liking Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee Policy

So back in November, I was inspired to raise money for the PACE Center for girls (for blog post, click here).  With your help, I raised enough money to buy fun flip flops for the girls.  As soon as I had the funding, I went to Amazon and made my purchase from a company that sold flip flops in bulk.  That was in December.

The vendor was not one that Amazon ships for.  I thought it odd that towards the end of December, I hadn’t seen that the vendor had shipped the shoes yet.  I went back onto Amazon and they were still being “processed,” but the anticipated ship date was just a couple of days away so I let it slide.  How odd it would take so long.  But it was in bulk, so maybe they had to make them all first?

A couple of days go by, and I get the shipment information that says it was shipped by UPS but that there was no tracking number.  The estimated delivery date was 10-15 business days.  That would put being able to donate to the middle of January.

End of January rolls around.  No flip flops.  I go to my account info on Amazon and learn that to file a claim I needed to contact the seller first.  I did.  Crickets.  After a week I contacted Amazon and then after 3 days they replied saying I would get my money refunded, no other questions asked.  I found they actually have a rule that you can ask for a refund from not getting your ordered products only fifty times in the life of your account.  They call it the A-Z Guarantee.  I got the money back in about a week.  And seeing that I really wanted flip flops, I found an equivalent bulk flip flop company and made my purchase.  Less than 10 business days later, they are sitting in my office waiting to be delivered.  Yippee!

I’m so happy to have helped the PACE Center for Girls, and am thrilled that my Media Nerd audience offered to help.  Because of this, I’ve accepted to do a walk for a very dear friend of mine, where I will need to raise some funds, so be on the lookout next week to learn more about how I’ll be helping find a cure for Myasthenia Gravis!

It only took three months, but I finally got us those flip flops!
It only took three months, but I finally got us those flip flops! Here’s a sample.

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