Boxes for Everyone!

I have discovered that I like to try new things.  Okay, that’s not a new discovery.  But I do fall into routines with my beauty products and snack options.  And lo and behold, there are products that help solve that problem. They are the boxes.

Want new snacks? Nature box can help (watch out, though, they don’t have many gluten or soy-free options).

Want to spice up your beauty routine? Birchbox is here.

Want to be a little bit more fancy with your beauty routine and accessories?  Try a Fancy box.

Bowser the dog wants new snacks AND new beauty products?  How about Barkbox?

I started looking at boxes when  co-worker was getting the Birchbox monthly and she was digging the little samples she got.  I then found out that two other co-workers got them and one of their husbands got a Birchbox for Men.  I looked at what was offered and it actually caters to your hair color, skin type, clothing/accessory/make up style, and if you want natural products or don’t care.  I am pleased to say that the first two Birchboxes I got were really neat!  I got products that I never would have considered or spent the time looking for.  Personalized advertising at its best!



I then saw an ad on an app for Nature Box and thought that it would be a great way to change up my snacking habits with other healthy options.  4 out of the 5 bags were really up my alley.  But, alas, I’m trying to go soy-free (have a light allergy to it) and GMO free (I like to ingest as little RoundUp as possible) and some of the snacks just didn’t deliver.  I emailed to cancel the box (which was really easy to do) and they said that I should keep an eye out for new products and if interested again it will be easy to turn the subscription back on.  (My weird organizing habit at work is what caused me to write AM Snack and PM snack on the bags… they don’t come that way.)

Nature Box


And someday, I’ll try my hand at a Fancy Box (they’re a little bit more pricey than these other two).  But they do guarantee double the amount of value of products against what you pay, so $80 for $40.

And if I ever got a dog, I would consider Barkbox.  It would just be another fun way to see what new things my dog would like without having to go to the store and buy full sized things.  Because dogs can be very, very picky.

So, if you like the idea of being directly marketed to by brands you may or may not have heard of, here you go.  Enjoy!

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