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Getting Smiles Back to Those With MG

According to the National Institute of Health, 14.7 to 23.5 MILLION people in this country suffer from an autoimmune disease.  Some are very common and get a lot of attention.  Some are rare and are finally only getting the funding they deserve.  One of these is Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which affects the strength of muscle groups.  Individuals that have this disease look very sleepy all of the time and sometimes can’t even get their muscles to smile.  In worse cases, people can’t move or swallow.

My very dear friend, Leah, suffers from MG.  And I can’t write better than her on what it feels like to live with MG, so with her permission, I’m quoting her blog post from her website (she’s a gifted marketer/PR professional for non-profits, by the way):

I am now on medication {that I have to take everyday} and am pretty stable.  I see my neurologist once a quarter.  If not on my medication, I can barely keep my eyes open, have occasionally had to pull over because of blurred vision, sound like Elmer Fudd, have so much difficulty chewing and swallowing that I immediately lost 20 pounds, have arms so weak that I have to rest from blow drying my hair and sometimes experience so much fatigue that I cannot get out of bed.  One of the things that affected me the most is that I felt as if MG had stolen my smile.

And her smile is something special, let me tell you.

For her birthday gift this year, she asked that in lieu of gifts, we donate to the MG Fund to help find better drugs and potentially a cure for this autoimmune disease.  I decided to do one better and join her team, O-MG Team Nash Rocks!, for the upcoming MG Walk in April and help her raise her team goal of $2,000.

So, fellow Media Nerds, you all helped me so much with raising money for the PACE Center For Girls, I’m hoping that I can count on you again to help me raise money to get people’s smiles back.  Smiling should be one of the easiest things a person can do, besides breathing, and having known my dear friend since her diagnosis I can tell you that she doesn’t take smiling for granted… and neither do I anymore.

If you could spare $10 and click here to go to the O-MG Team Nash Rocks site in order to donate, I’ll send some extra smiles your way.  Thank you so very much!

me and leah

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