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More On Reading Between The Wines

Hi You!

As you may know, I’m on the host committee for the Adult Literacy League’s Reading Between the Wines event to be held on April 16. As a part of the host committee, I am charged with looking for people and companies that would want to help sponsor the event or buy tickets/tabletop.

In the attachments are a cover letter addressed to Whomever This Concerns.  There are also flyers on being an event sponsor and being a media sponsor.  So if you work for an Orlando-ish company and think they may want to be a headlining sponsor, OR your one of my media friends who may be able to give us some free ad space, OR if your company or you have the ability to put together some kind of package that people can bid on during the silent auction, OR you work in a restaurant or catering company and would like to promote your business and feed the attendees, there’s something for you.  OR, if you are none of the above, but still believe in the cause, you can always just buy tickets and come and swank it up with me!  Hopefully I’ll see you there in some capacity?

It’s a really fun event. I was a media sponsor last year and this year. Great food, great wine, great speaker, great time.


Patti (aka Media Nerd)

PS – If you want to see more on the Adult Literacy League, check out my previous blog post here for videos.

PPS – You can download all of the files below!  I really hope you do!

RBTW 2014 Sponsorship Cover Letter – to you

RBTW14 Event Sponsor Form

RBTW14 Food Sponsor Guidelines and Form

RBTW14 Media Sponsor Form

2014 Silent Auction Form

Fast Facts 11.2013

PPPS – If I know you are someone who fits into any of the OR categories and I have your email address, LinkedIn connection, or you are a Facebook friend, you’re still on my list and you’ll still be getting a direct message from me. 🙂

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