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Advice on getting people to text something to something

Last night I went to the Orlando Philharmonic’s Michael Cavanaugh performance and it was a really great time.  I love hearing rock backed by a full orchestra and this didn’t disappoint.

One fun thing that they asked the audience to do was to text the word “songs” to CLUBS.  But the they asked people right before the last song in the first act when everyone was still applauding.

Everyone pulls out their cell phones and this is where the problem happened.  Everyone with iPhones were able to type in the word “CLUBS” into the “To:” line and then “songs” in the message bar and the word CLUBS switched to the phone number 258-27.  I then pulled out my friend’s Android (because I accidentally left my phone at home… eeek!) and wanted to do the same thing.

And it didn’t work.

There was no switch to the number automatically.  So while my iPhone friend texted and got this:

2014-01-12 09.59.56

We got this:

2014-01-12 10.01.06



We then had to get the number from the iPhone friend in order to get it and vote.  I wanted #1 or #4, but since it wasn’t my phone we also voted for #2.  And guess which one he played?

I’m pretty sure everyone just voted for #2. Typical.

Lesson learned – Remember that not all phones are created equal.  And that not everyone can remember random numbers when they’re spoken out loud (Mr. Cavanaugh had said the actual numbers, but since it wasn’t memorable, I couldn’t remember them!).  They should have just put it up on the screen during the intermission.  Instead they put these beautiful people up instead. 😉


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