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Compilation of South of the Border Billboards (i.e. Getting the Parents to Play With the Cameras on Their Phones)

So I thought that it would be a great idea (a great Media Nerdy idea) to try to take as many pictures of the South of the Border billboards on our drive up to North Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle.  And I thought it would be a really funny idea (a really kid-laughing-as-parents-embrace-technology idea) to have my parents take those pictures.

Needless to say there was a lot of laughter… and f bombs.  Hope you enjoy the compilation and Happy Thanksgiving!

Courtesy of Dad:

This was the first and best picture Dad was able to take.  As you can see, he started playing with the different features of the camera and could never quite capture the billboards with the same perfection.


20131128_103404_4_bestshot 20131128_104538_8_bestshot 20131128_103022_4_bestshot 20131128_102302_8_bestshot 20131128_100338_4_bestshot 20131128_100025_8_bestshot 20131128_095942_5_bestshot 20131128_094326_2_bestshot 20131128_093629 20131128_090719

It looked like the way South of the Border bought their billboards was to find the odd-sizes and short-reads that no one else wanted – so they probably got location discounts on top of volume discounts.  Because we were coming up on the billboards so fast, Mom started playing back up in case Dad couldn’t capture it in time.  I had them using the rapid-fire 8-picture feature and so every time we drove by one it started to sound like paparazzi were in the car!

Courtesy of Mom:

20131128_102304_8_bestshot (1)20131128_103028_8_bestshot 20131128_103211_1_bestshot (1) 20131128_103750_6_bestshot 20131128_095048_3_bestshot 20131128_095050_7_bestshot (1) 20131128_095605_1_bestshot (1)

And so after driving through South Carolina we arrived.  It was as unique of a place as their billboards.  If you’ve never gotten to stop there, just at least drive through it.  Or, check these pictures out:

20131128_104950_3_bestshot20131128_104822_4_bestshot (1)20131128_105031_7_bestshot 20131128_105931 20131128_104741_6_bestshot 20131128_104816_8_bestshot

Couldn’t help myself:



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