Why People Don’t Give to Charities

This past week I attended a networking event held by the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Orlando who had a guest speaker named Richard M. Powell.  I met some great people and learned from the entrepreneur and private equity investor his life story and why he finds philanthropy so important.

He was an impressive speaker and spoke a little about a new book he has written about influential leaders who achieved extraordinary success in their fields before the age of forty-five.  It was very inspiring and I look forward to bringing you an overview of the book in a post next year!

The part of his talk that had the most impact with me was actually an info-graphic (below) his assistant had found.  It’s from a gentleman named Peter Singer who, now that I have done some research on him, is hopefully going to be someone that helps change people’s attitudes on helping eliminate extreme poverty.  If you want to be motivated to give a little bit more this holiday season, might I suggest visiting his website The Life You Can Save and watching the clip of his interview on the Colbert Report at the bottom of his page?

Ahem, speaking of giving a little this holiday season, I’m still doing the fundraising for the pace Center For Girls (see last week’s post).  So far, I’ve gotten a donation from Eileen, and PayPal promises from Lisa, Erica and Scott.  Thank you!  Can I count on you to spare $10?


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