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Atlantis is Home!

I had the opportunity to see the trek of Atlantis to its permanent home at Kennedy Space Center.  So I thought I’d share!

It got hot enough wandering around the Atlantis while it hung out at Exploration Park to warrant fans.
Everyone was really excited when the Atlantis stopped for a few hours.
Everyone was taking their pictures in front of Atlantis (including me)!
There were all kinds of press people, from Social Media reps, to the head of sales from WMFE (nice seeing you John!), and reporters from WKMG. Here’s my boss getting interviewed. I wonder if he showed up on the evening news!
And then I captured the news media taking pictures of the shuttle. I bet the camera guy figured he’d never get his picture taken.

Also at Exploration Park, all of the commercial rocket/transport companies were there showing off their proto-types.

The SNC Dream Chaser: As close to a new age shuttle as they can get.
XCOR’s Lynx prototype – “like the buses?” we asked.
NASA’s prototype for the evacuation hatch in their new capsules.

If you want to see more pics – here are the pictures I took in chronological order so you can see the Atlantis from traveling to parking outside of its resting spot.  You’ll be able to see Atlantis again when it debuts in its new home in the middle of 2013!

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