If you’re not in advertising, this will blow your mind; plus, Halloween pics

A couple of years ago, the Did You Know videos about media consumption and demographics became uber viral.  I just found out at my last Leadership Orlando seminar that they updated the information for 2012.  While not as mind-blowing as it was originally, this video provides a great look at the world’s trends.  Music is pretty good, too.

Also, seeing this past weekend was when the grown-ups “do” Halloween, I thought it would be fun to show off pictures I took that represent consumers being “ads” for different brands.  Can marketers count this as social media?

Mayhem happens and happened to walk by.
That guy didn’t have to do much to dress up as Breaking Bad. Hopefully he didn’t shave his head for the costume!
Gru was nowhere to be found.
Third movie is going to begin shooting next summer!

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