Quotable Quotes from Success 2012 Seminar

The Success 2012 Seminar is a combination of awesome guest speakers and how to get rich quick programs.  Between every awesome guest was someone trying to show you how you could make money selling things on ebay, trading on the currency exchange, paying down your mortgage quickly through equity loans, and buying generic URLs for your community and selling it to small businesses who don’t know any better.

Anyway, the awesome guest speakers were extraordinary and so I jotted down interesting parts of their talks and am presenting them here for your reading pleasure, sans selling you on how to get rich quick… sorry if you were looking forward to that.

Mr. Cosby

The title of Bill’s talk was “Humor at Work: The Secret Success Factor.”  The one thing he did talk about that was relevant was his advice to employers.  He said that you should take your employees that aren’t doing what you need them to do, bring them into a room, and show them movies of people out of work.  They will then work harder.

But the funniest story he told was about the time his daughter was nine and had a hissy fit and told her mother “I didn’t ask to be born!”  His wife replied, “And you’re not what I asked for.”  Bill thought long and hard about an answer he would have given and settled on this: “You actually did ask to be born.  Nine months before you were born, Daddy and Mommy had a really fun time and Daddy released millions of little boys and girls from his loins.  There was an epic battle to get to Mommy’s egg and, well, if you hadn’t wanted to be born, you should have hung a left.”

Mr. Gorbachev

Mikhael gave his history on how he came to power and why he felt change was necessary for his people.  “Change is good,” he said.  He also told the story of a time he was in a leadership role at university and he stood up to introduce himself.  When he went to sit back down someone had pulled the chair out from under him and he fell to the ground.  “Don’t get confused when you fall,” he said.  He handled himself well enough that the leadership group still voted him as the chairman for the semester.  Of his career, he also stated, “Above all, learn to talk to people, learn to have dialogue.  This is the essence of my life, of my work.”

Mr. King

Larry was really funny.  The title of his talk was “How to Perfect Your Communication Skills” and his talk was mainly about his start as a guest speaker to various organizations like the Rotary (which he was never allowed to speak to that particular chapter again it went so horrible) and the mafia (“The mafia is a wonderful audience.”)

His stories were all pretty long though, and I’m battling the flu right now, so I’ve exhausted all of my mental capacity at writing everything thus far, so maybe another time.

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