So what would you like to learn?

I have been asked to give a talk on how people who work with local charities and 501(c)3s should handle asking for free media exposure.  I have experience with the topic since I have had to get free media for several charities over the past three years for Ad 2’s public service projects.  I am also now on the media end where charities ask me for donated media.  So I’m excited to give the talk because I feel like I can provide some value to the conversation.

I’ve also given talks on media planning/buying, A/B testing, and a general overview of the Out of Home marketplace.  I like sharing.  This is why I have my blog.  I like to learn things, incorporate them with other things I know, and hopefully come up with engaging, thoughtful new ideas that I can write about.

Through my stats on this blog, I can see which posts come up the highest in getting direct readership.  But I think that most of that comes from search traffic and how I’ve tagged that particular post.  Most of you who read me get me through email, subscribe through wordpress, or visit my home page directly from a link I post on one of the social sites.  And you all keep coming back each week, which is awesome!

So what are you liking about my blog?  What could you live without?  What would you like to know more about?  Even if I don’t have an answer or stance on a topic, I’ll give you enough information to get you understanding it and figuring it out for yourself.  I’d be very happy to.  Either feel free to post a comment or email me directly at

Thank you for letting me have this conversation with you!  I look forward to your feedback so I know if I’m going in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “So what would you like to learn?”

  1. I really enjoy hearing about your adventures! A few of the intellectual thoughts are a bit over my head as a non-marketer, but I still like trying to figure them out. I’m all about efficiency these days. If you come across tools to streamline social media, link accounts, consolidate news sources, I’d be all about it. Keep up the good work, girl!

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