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Collaborative Lessons in Leadership

I finally made it back to a class at Leadership Orlando.  The past two times I was in the sales trainings I’ve mentioned about in earlier posts.  This time, we all met at Medical City and did tours of the UCF School of Medicine and a bus tour around the new VA hospital.  These were great experiences, but I truly enjoyed sitting in the big classroom on the campus and listening to some of the leaders/founders of Medical City and how all of the players have come together through collaboration.

Collaboration was one of the key words of the day.  While each leader from the City of Orlando, Tavistock, UCF, etc had great organizations on their own, the synergistic effect of having them all work together where no one led nor followed was a unique venture that looks like it will pay off immensely.  It was exciting to learn the back-story of how it all came together and how they are going to build it up in the future.

Maniac was another key word of the day.  Being a leader isn’t just about motivating other people – you have to be a highly motivated individual that is crazy about succeeding and bettering the organization for the good of the organization and not just for personal gain.  One of the panelists said, “Looking to help others succeed to help the greater good is the secret to your own success.”

The panelists were also asked what lessons they learned with this endeavour of colloaboration and leadership.  One said perseverance. Another said to make sure you are focusing on the transformational and foundational actions of each day and not the transactional.  And another said that collaboration is the new competition.  With competition comes a loser, with collaboration you have a virtuous cycle and everyone wins.

Even with some of the bad press the Medical City has received over the past years, my opinion of this group and the impact it will have on the community, the state of Florida, and even the world, is greater than the sum of its press.  I have to believe that most everyone who is a part of this vision is doing so not just for the greater gain of their businesses, but for the greater good of humanity.  I’m impressed.

For more information on the medical city and how it hopes to improve everyone’s lives, visit

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